The Unique Middle

As All Weather Insulated Panels continued to grow in its first decade, one intriguing trend began to rise on the horizon. For a company designed primarily to create energy efficient products for use on warehouses, food processing plants and cold storage buildings, our insulated metal panels (IMPs) have found great success in high-end commercial, retail and administrative buildings.

Perhaps there’s no better business sector to find where AWIP products bring together the company’s past and the future than in California’s flourishing wine industry, where facilities have to meet strict internal environmental controls while offering a customized exterior attractiveness.

The Unique Middle

From a macro view, a winery is an agricultural production facility with a controlled interior environment for the production of time-sensitive, high-quality products. But with large interior rooms and concrete floors, these interior environments make it difficult to control energy loss, and thus cost.

Also note that this industry spans nearly the length of the state, which has many micro climates. A facility in Paso Robles or Temecula, where summer temperatures often exceed 100 degrees, has different energy needs than a facility in the north Sonoma Valley. In all places, however, maintaining a constant interior environment is essential for wine production and storage.

Finally, these “production centers” have become areas of interest for wine lovers. Brands meet that demand by making their grounds appealing with gardens and indoor and outdoor “tasting” areas. To help market their products, these “production centers” require an exterior façade of high visual appeal in various textures, colors and architectural adaptability.

According to Christopher Marchetti, National Marketing Manager at All Weather Insulated Panels, his company has provided panels for over 100 wineries in the state.

“Everyone likes the idea of being environmentally friendly, but not nearly enough to be willing to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in new construction,” Chris said. “But in our applications in this industry, our panels pass the test of meeting two equally important standards.

“First, they have to ensure that that interior environment is efficiently maintained, often at a steady temperature with no variation whether in 100-plus degree summer heat or frosty winter nights. In turn, though, these very same panels offer an exterior façade that suggests comfort and charm.”

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