Welcome to Billy’s Blog on AWIPanels.com

Welcome to Billy’s Blog on AWIPanels.com

Billy mug shotWhether in Vacaville or Little Rock, the locations of All Weather Insulating Panels’ two manufacturing plants, he’s just known as “Billy.” In some formal occasions, he is known as Bill or William Lowery. Either way, as President of All Weather Insulated Panels, he is a leader in the insulated metal panel (IMP) industry.

Billy has been working in this area of the manufacturing world since 1985, taking an idea from his father, a chemist for Dow Chemical Company in the late 1950’s and pioneer in the development of semi-rigid urethanes, and through a couple of iterations has shepherded the current business into an entity posed to break through $100 million in annual sales.

His insight into this significant segment of the construction industry as well as his sharp eye for general business trends can be found on Billy’s Blog on our home website, https://www.awipanels.com.

In these missives, Billy will touch on issues critical to today’s manufacturing world. For example, Billy notes that insulated metal panels account for more than a third of modern European structures, which he attributes to the historical high cost of energy in that part of the world. By contrast, IMP buildings in the U.S. total less than 5 percent. But as new, stricter energy regulations get adopted by the various building jurisdictions throughout the country, the demand for IMPs will grow. They are the obvious solution to meet these new standards for energy efficiency for architects, developers and building owners.

The father of three, he and his wife Laurie enjoy the benefits of living in Northern California, though it remains to be seen if that extends this year to his beloved San Francisco 49ers. A noted history buff, Billy has pictures of Duke of Wellington, Napoleon and Caesar in his office. The latter is rather telling, for in celebrating a landmark 60th birthday in 2015, Laurie threw him a “Caesar and Cleopatra” party… basically a toga party.

No one calls him Emperor, though. He’s still just Billy.

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