All Weather Insulated Panels wants to make it easier to find information needed to facilitate the success of your project. Here’s a guide.


Where can I find in-depth product information on your products?

Every product we have listed on awipanels.com includes general and in-depth technical information. If you click on awipanels.com/products/wall panels and select a model, such as our popular FL40 model, you’ll notice above the image four pull-down tabs: Technical Data, Featured Benefits, Resource Library and Project Gallery.


Where do I find basic information of an AWIP panel, such as panel thickness and R value?

The Technical Data tab atop each panel page has a complete breakdown of basic information – panel thickness, length, etc.


What is the Resource Library tab for?

The Resource Library is where designers, project managers and building owners can locate detailed, technical information needed for planning and construction approvals. The Resource Library tab on each product page will offer the following categories:

  • Details & Drawings
  • Installation Instructions
  • Load Tables
  • Product Data Sheets
  • Product Specification sheets


For specific application of a panel, where do I look?

By clicking on the Resources Library tab on the page of your desired panel, the Details & Drawings listing offers insight into:

  • Vertical and Horizontal applications,
  • Exterior Commercial and Industrial (C&I) applications,
  • Exterior Cold Storage applications


Example: for a project requiring panels installed horizontally, here’s what to do. Find the panel you want and click on it. Above the image, click on Resource Library, then Drawings & Design, then Horizontal details. Documents pertaining to Panel Joints, Intermediate Wall Support, Framed Opening Header and Corner Transition, among others, are listed.


Are the documents like Installation Instructions in the Resource Library downloadable?

Yes. Each panel product page gives you access to all technical documents. Example: Resources Library/Details & Drawing/Vertical Details is where you will find a bevy of documents that can provide answers to your questions. Highlight the format you want, hit the Download button and the information will be delivered.


If a contractor calls me wanting to know what panel clip or what kind of sealant to use during construction, how can I help?

All details needed for the installation of AWIP panels can be found in the Product Resources Library/Installation Instructions. Scroll through the architectural documents for the specific panel to locate the specific part or sealant needed in each step of installation.


If I have a question about any of your products, who can I call?

For general inquiries, contact sales@awipanels.com. If more information is needed, the sales person assigned to your specific region is the best resource. You can find that person on our Contact page. In the lower right corner, you will see Find a Sales Rep. Put in your location and the right person will be made available with how to contact.


Do you have a customer service?

Yes, you can always call us at 1-888-970-AWIP (2947)

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