Mission Statement

Founded in 2004, AWIP strives to provide solutions to commercial, industrial and cold storage construction projects that require the perfect combination of energy efficiency, creative versatility and ease of construction. With that credo, our first responsibility is to our clients and partners who use our products and services.

To achieve that, we empower all our employees to provide products not only of the highest quality, but ones that protect the planet. Insulated metal panels from AWIP do not contain any volatile compounds. They are listed under the U.S. EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program and the European Union’s REACH program.

Building with AWIP panels reduces construction time and costs, and their high R and K values secure a building’s thermal envelope, resulting in less energy needed to maintain the desired interior environment for the life of the building.

AWIP is committed to providing the highest customer service. In serving you we pride ourselves on standing apart from the competition by offering services in drafting, engineering and site inspections so your project comes to life safely, on time and on budget.

For questions or concerns, please call one of our Factory locations (Little Rock, AR & Vacaville, CA) or email us at sales@awipanels.com

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