Hard Wall (HW40)

Hard Wall HW40 Insulated Metal Panel Vacaville

Our HW40 insulated metal panel is ideal for interior high traffic areas such as loading docks, large warehouses and storage rooms. “HW” stands for Hard Wall and refers to the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) inserted behind the exposed steel facing to provide substantial strength to resist damage from impact. The panel is also ideally suited for hanging electrical boxes and piping yet still offers excellent R values and long-term energy efficiency, as well as easy one-step assembly to reduce construction costs. Consult your local AWIP representative for specific attachment requirements. 


Panel Thickness: 


Insulating Values (R): ** 


Panel Width: 40”

Panel Length: 8’ to 30’ maximum.

Insulation Material: CFC-free foamed-in-place polyisocyanurate foam 2.1 to 2.5 pcf density.

Joint Configuration: Double offset tongue and grove with concealed fastener.

Profile Availability: Mesa

Metal facings: 26ga galvanized steel.

Coatings: Imperial White Polyester.

Accessories: Fasteners, concealed fastener clips, sealants, brake formed flashings.

With the extremely high thermal resistance (R value) of our polyurethane foam core insulated metal roof and wall panels, which are capable of reaching above R-50, All Weather Insulated Panel products dramatically improve the efficiency of the building thermal envelope.  Customers can expect new projects utilizing our insulated metal panels (IMPs) to use two-thirds or less of the energy in a typical existing home or structure. 


  • Self-aligning and weather tight double tongue and groove joint allows for sealant application at either the interior or exterior side of the panel joinery depending on the direction of vapor drive.
  • The standard exterior metal surface is embossed 26ga G-90 galvanized steel with composite polyester coatings.
  • The standard interior surface is embossed 26ga Imperial White.
  • The panel arrives on site in one piece for easy one-step installation, reducing construction time and costs.
  • A “hard wall” exposed surface minimizes the potential for surface damage.
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