Wood Grain (MV40-T)

Wood Grain MV40 Insulated Metal Panels California

Wood Grain (MV40-T) Wood Grain (MV40-T)

A classic “retro” look of T1-11 plywood, making these insulated metal panels a stylish addition to any metal building but with high R values and premium energy efficiency. Low gloss scarfed wood grain pattern coupled with our micro-rib profile creates a traditional T1-11 style plywood appearance. This “retro” wall panel comes in four standard colors and includes a long life factory finished paint system along with exceptional performance characteristics of a composite insulated panel.


Panel Thickness: 





Insulating Values (R):** 





Panel Width: 40”

Panel Length: from 8’ to 40’ maximum.

Insulation Material: CFC-free foamed-in-place polyisocyanurate foam 2.1 to 2.5 pcf density.

Joint Configuration: offset tongue and groove with concealed fastener.

Metal facings: 26ga galvanized steel (24ga available).

Coatings: 25-year ceramic polyester.

Accessories: fasteners, concealed fastener clips, sealants, brake formed flashings.

Wood Grain low gloss panels are available in Sandstone, Surrey Beige, Pearl Gray and Regal White colors.

Available in fiRe 1-hour rated panel: MV40T-F (4.5” R-32)

**R-Value tested in accordance with ASTM C518/C1363 at 40oF mean temperature, adjusted for a windspeed of 15 mph.

With the extremely high thermal resistance (R value) of our polyurethane foam core insulated metal wall and roof panels, which are capable of reaching above R-50, All Weather Insulated Panel products dramatically improve the efficiency of the building thermal envelope.  Customers can expect new projects utilizing our insulated metal panels (IMPs) to use two-thirds or less of the energy in a typical existing home or structure. 
Wood Grain (MV40-T) Wood Grain (MV40-T)


  • The profile and finish provides for a non-metallic wood grain planked look.

  • 25-year limited paint warranty against chalking, fading and loss of adhesion.

  • The panel’s overlapping joint is self-aligning and allows
    for easy sealant application at the panel joinery.

  • The standard exterior metal surface is 26ga G-90 galvanized steel with durable ceramic polyester coatings.

  • The standard interior metal surface is 26ga
    Imperial White.

  • The panel arrives on site in one piece and requires a
    simple one step installation reducing construction time
    and costs.

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