Our FL40 Insulated Metal Panels Profiled in DesignandBuildwithMetal.com

DesignandBuildwithMetal.com, “the online home to the metal construction industry,” posted the case study on the FL40 model from All Weather Insulated Panels turning an 80-foot-tall warehouse near Bakersfield, CA into one of the largest billboards in the state.

The flat, smooth surface of the FL40 appeals to architects and designers who want a modern look. But in this case, the double-stacking joinery created a flat palette over which The Wonderful Company attached Mylar sheets of its famous Halo brand of Clementine mandarins.

Read more about this exciting, compelling project by clicking here.

Founded in 2007, AWIP strives to provide solutions to projects that require the perfect combination of energy efficiency, creative versatility and ease of construction. With state-of-the-art continuous line factories in Vacaville, California and Little Rock, Arkansas, AWIP has the capacity to produce approximately 30 million square feet of insulated metal wall and roof panels annually.

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