The “Just Right” Solution in Today’s Construction Market

Architects, project managers and business owners call it the Goldilocks solution. They are looking for that “just right” structural component that offers best-in-class energy efficiency ratings, lower construction costs and eye-catching visual appeal.

To meet this growing need, AWIP announces its new line of continuous-line, foam composite products, the MV40-W and MV40-T panels. These insulated metal panel models come in a micro-rib profile with natural grain patterns that give metal structures a distinctive and textured “retro” wood look.

Customers looking for a “wide grain plank” appearance find the MV40-W to their liking. Others who prefer the scored T1-11 plywood exterior choose the MV40-T. Either choice provides unique wall cladding in a non-metallic, natural wood impression while still providing benefits and warranty of high-tech insulated metal panels.

The MV40-W and MV40-T panels, as well as other AWIP models, have superior insulating properties, and their outstanding spanning capabilities and easy installation makes them quick to install, saving on construction costs compared to other wall assemblies.

Panels from AWIP come with a four-year warranty and are available in four colors as well as a wide variety of profiles, enabling virtually any aesthetic desired for exterior walls, interior walls and roofs.

Modern energy efficiency value, low construction cost and good looks – all in one product. The just right solution.


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