OneDek™ Comes at Crucial Time for Construction Industry

September 26, 2018 0Comment

OneDek™ Comes at Crucial Time for Construction Industry

The beauty of the OneDek™ system is that it brings savings and efficiency, but more importantly this revolutionary insulated metal roof panel comes when the roofing industry needs it more than ever.

As noted in the July 2018 issue of Metal Construction News, a leading trade magazine, the shortage of skilled labor has leads to project delays and increased costs, increasing the uncertainty that a project can be completed on time and within planned budget.

The inclusion of OneDek™ for any low-slope (2-degrees or less) roofing project eliminates a time-consuming, labor-intensive step: the application of fiber board insulation to a steel B deck followed by the tedious drilling and then securing the fiber board through the deck.

It has been estimated that a 100,000 square foot roof would need about 20,000 rods and nuts. That’s 20,000 holes to be drilled, which a crew of five may take up to two weeks to complete. It’s common for large projects to cost $1 million a week, so two weeks worth of savings on labor and equipment goes a long ways to making the project a success.

The fact that OneDek™ panels virtually snap together with tongue-and-groove joinery (the RD1) or the overlapping ridge (RD5) eradicates drilling – time saved. And these products require a great deal less fasteners, which reduces materials cost.

This is but one advantage of the OneDek™ system by All Weather Insulated Panels, which has been a leader in the innovation of insulated wall and roof panels since 2008.

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* – photo courtesy of Metal Construction News