Roofing Mag features OneDek™, Our Revolutionary Insulated Roof Deck Panel

February 12, 2018 0Comment
Roofing Magazine in its March-April 2018 issue includes a feature on OneDek™, the revolutionary insulated roof deck panel from All Weather Insulated Panels. The three-page spread includes an ad for OneDek™,a breakdown on the product’s many features, and a Q&A with President William Lowery.
The feature in Roofing comes out just in time for the International Roofing Expo in New Orleans. The IRE is the preeminent roofing construction and maintenance event where roofing professionals gather to see, compare and learn about the newest products, best practices and innovations essential to your success. Publisher John Riester brought 1,000 copies of this issue to the expo.

OneDek™ represents AWIP’s effort to modernize the application of roofs to large “low-slope” projects, all with the intent of saving time and money for building owners, contractors and project managers. Click here to see the ad, and here to read the article.

“It’s time for the North American construction industry to undergo a paradigm shift,” Lowery said in the article. “When I see large commercial projects requiring a flat or “low-slope” roof, they way they are installed requires too many steps, takes too much time and costs too much money. That’s when I started thinking of a roof deck panel that offered superior performance solutions made available simply by applying existing composite technologies.”

With the use of a “vacuum lifter,” OneDek™ panels are easily set in place over roof support steel, and reports from job sites using vacuum lifting equipment have more than 15,000 square feet of composite roof and roof deck IMPs being installed in a single day.

OneDek™ affords:
• longer spans between supports, which means less materials and time.
• resistant to damage from foot traffic during and after construction
• diaphragm shear resistance properties, when through fastened, the same as 1.5” deep 22ga B deck @ 60” span between supports

AWIP products are recognized throughout the industry for their simple one-step installation that reduces construction costs. OneDek™ offers construction managers, architects and owners the opportunity to save money during construction and over the life of any large industrial or cold storage project.

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