OneDek®: The Future of Low-Slope Commercial Roofing as Featured in Metal Construction News

July 2, 2021 Matt Nance 0Comment

2021 has so far been an unprecedented year for us in the metal building industry. As pandemic restrictions ease and the economy and construction rebounds, demand for steel has soared. However, steel is increasingly short supply in the United States. Unfilled orders for steel in the last quarter were at the highest level in five years, while inventories were near a 3-1/2-year low, according to data from the Census Bureau. The North American steel market is in turmoil with prices skyrocketing threefold for hot-rolled coil from pandemic lows (Bloomberg, April 27, 2021). The benchmark price for hot-rolled steel hit $1,176/ton this month, its highest level in at least 13 years. Soaring prices are driving up costs and squeezing profits at steel-consuming manufacturers. This creates a ripple effect with price increases and extended lead times eventually hitting contractors and installers, delaying jobs, and cutting into profits after what was a particularly difficult year for the commercial construction industry.

Metal builders, roofers, and erectors must now look away from outdated construction methods if they are to stay ahead of the herd and weather crises such as steel shortages in the future. For example, an insulated metal roof decks are proving to be a simpler, more efficient alternative to traditional low slope roofs.

An independent study was conducted comparing insulated metal roof decks with more traditional low slope roof construction methods by utilizing a performance rubric intended to represent the systems’ intrinsic ability to avoid construction cost overruns and delays. Requiring only 4 steps to assemble, it was found that insulated metal roof decks saved installers vital labor time and, critically in the current climate, has the benefit of being a single-source supply rather than from multiple suppliers. Labor time savings are possible due to the greater spans achieved by insulated metal roof decks, thus, requiring fewer steel joists to install. Insulated metal roof decks also require far less fasteners to install. According to the study, the construction utilizing insulated metal roof decks needed approximately 15,000 fasteners to install as opposed to double the amount required for the traditional low slope roofs.  The simplicity of insulated metal roof deck systems cannot be understated, being composed of only 6 components compared to upwards of almost a dozen components for traditional roofing systems. Crucially however, insulated metal roof decks eliminate the need entirely for steel B-decks. With current steel lead times being long and uncertain, a simplified system is proving to be the next step forward for contractors and roofers.

All Weather Insulated Panels manufactures high performance insulated metal wall and roof systems engineered for simplified design and installation, along with the highest performing, most energy efficient building envelopes available. AWIPs’ state-of-the-art, continuous line manufacturing facilities in CA, AR, and PA offer the capacity needed to fulfill any size project, and the stability required to support the emerging needs of the North American building industry.

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