Mesa (DM45)

Mesa DM45 Insulated Metal Wall Panel California

Mesa (DM45) Mesa (DM45)

Our Mesa DM45 insulated metal wall panel is our widest cold storage panel featuring monolithic tongue and groove joinery for fast, easy installation. It is specifically designed for interior wall and ceiling applications and it offers outstanding R and K values for long term, premium energy efficiency.


Panel Thickness: 





Insulating Values (R):** 





Panel Width: 45”

Panel Length: 8’ min to 50’ maximum based on a 48’ flatbed trailer length. Consult your sales representative for other available lengths.

Insulation Material: CFC-free foamed-in-place polyisocyanurate foam 2.1 to 2.5 pcf density.

Joint Configuration: Monolithic single tongue and groove.

Metal facings: 26ga galvanized steel (22ga, 24ga and stainless available).

Coatings: Imperial White Polyester (plastisol available).

Accessories: Fasteners, clips, sealants and brake formed flashings.


**R-Value tested in accordance with ASTM C518/C1363 at 40oF mean temperature, adjusted for a windspeed of 15 mph.

With the extremely high thermal resistance (R value) of our polyurethane foam core insulated metal wall paneling and roof panels, which are capable of reaching above R-50, All Weather Insulated Panel products dramatically improve the efficiency of the building thermal envelope.  Customers can expect new projects utilizing our insulated metal panels (IMPs) to use two-thirds or less of the energy in a typical existing home or structure. 
Mesa (DM45) Mesa (DM45)


  • The 3/32” low profile exposed surface simplifies face sealing of joints and trim terminations when required for heavy processing environments.
  • The 45” net width reduces both the number of longitudinal joints to thermally seal and the number of panels to install.
  • The standard highly durable 26ga exposed steel facing(s) with an embossed, high heat coil coated paint finish are perfect for most interior applications.
  • The structural integrity of the DM45 panel allows for exceptional spans between supports on interior walls and ceilings.
  • The panel arrives on site in one piece and requires a simple one step installation reducing construction time and costs.

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